Welcome, and thanks for checking out my website. I primarily use this space to share my thoughts on physical therapy and strength training, but also on some of my other interests like philosophy, neuroscience, history, self improvement, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, and powerlifting.

On my blog, you will find short posts on books which I am currently reading, lectures I find captivating, and articles which have improved the way I think. 

My articles section is dedicated to longer posts on focused topics and interviews. Some of these posts are featured on other websites.

I am also an avid reader, and I try to read close to a book per week. For an organized selection, check out my bookshelf for recommendations. 

Cameron Yuen


New York University - Doctor of Physical Therapy, 2017


Human Performance Lab, Lehman College

Assistant To Dr. Brad Schoenfeld


National Strength and Conditioning Association - CSCS

Functional Movement Systems - FMS I & II

StrongFirst - SFG I

Ground Force Method - GFM I

RockTape - FMT I

American Heart Association - ACLS

IASTM Technique 





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